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Creating high performing Organisation

During the economic crisis, leaders relied heavily on 'classic' business improvement levers such as cost-cutting and setting aggressive sales targets.

For businesses that are now looking to achieve new growth organically, performance management can help. Research by Genext has found that most of the leaders see performance management a key driver of business performance.

However, to deliver growth, performance management must become more strategic and take into account the organization's culture and how this helps - or hinders - business performance. Yet our research has found that maximum firms fail to align performance management with their strategy and culture.

IT Strategy & Transformation

CTO's today face several major strategic issues: identifying the key business drivers that impact the IT function, and their implications on IT operations, and designing and implementing an IT function transformation program.

Genext Technology Transformation practice has developed IT Operating Model to help you rise to this challenge. This framework provides IT leaders with a structured approach to analyzing IT operations and aligning them with business and IT strategy. Our technology experts ensure cutting-edge content and delivery.

Our experienced practitioners use a proven methodology, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Working with Genext, you benefit from multi-discipline expertise and best-practice toolkits.

Expansion in Africa

Conducting business in most of Africa's 53 countries is challenging, with the World Bank rating the vast bulk of the continent as difficult to do business in, across a range of criteria

Genext conducted research locally, supplemented by international research, to identify the challenges of doing business in Africa. Based on this research, we identified certain challenges that companies have to recognise

Cost Optimisation

In today's highly competitive markets, a solid cost position has become the key differentiator for companies that achieve real success.

Genext is a leader in business transformation. Our experts have designed a set of proven tools and technologies to successfully deliver cost optimization programs that enhance competitiveness.

We take a unique, holistic approach to designing and implementing cost optimization programs, using a process that allows for an integrated view of the entire cost base. Leveraging the power of the entire Group, Genext can guide and accompany our clients from strategy development and design to building an efficient business- and IT-infrastructure and system landscape.

Human Resource Maganement

Demand for top talent is always high. With employees looking for greater flexibility and mobility, HR departments must work hard to find talent, and harder still to keep it. They must also overcome significant challenges:
  • Inadequate technology architecture, data integrity and enabling systems
  • Cultural resistance to mobility programs and insufficient global employee data
  • Rising demand for a virtual and connected workforce
  • Insufficient investment in new processes and technology
Genext helps you implement technology to transform your human resources strategy and processes, ensuring your HR department is as competitive as possible.
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